Gourmet Handcrafted Ice Cream Sandwiches Treet founder Todd Bernard has taken a new trend and added a twist by including donuts and other unique outer layers to the traditional cookie ice cream sandwich. The name comes from the mind of his 5 year old daughter, who could not correctly spell treat, and a beautiful name was derived. We bake cookies daily, combine them with ice cream, and hot press them to create a flavor explosion.

Our passion for desserts has helped create some of the best tasting ice cream sandwich desserts any of our crew has tasted and we can’t wait for you to try one or all of them. In addition to traditional cookie ice cream sandwiches, we will have donut and brownie ice cream sandwich creations. We would love for you to build your own creation but, just in case, you are welcome to try one of our gourmet creations like “Some Like it Hot” or “Casablanca”.

How it works:

1. Choose a cookie, brownie or donut

2. Pick an ice cream

3. Add any desired toppings

4. Optional Hot Press to heat your creation.

5. Take a picture and send to Instagram

@Treetdesserts for a chance to win a free

ice cream sandwich each week.


What Makes Us Unique?

At Treet, we love all types of sweets and love to push the traditional boundaries by offering unique, creative flavors you can’t find anywhere else. When two flavors seem odd together, we run to bake new things that don’t quite seem to merge gracefully, yet taste delicious!! But that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the plethora of choices we are pairing with ice cream. If you have not tasted our warm apple fritter donut with a delicious organic cinnamon ice cream, you have missed out on one of the 7 dessert wonders of the world!! Or how about our warm chocolate bar with sweet cream peanut butter ice cream. It’s like a delicious peanut butter chocolate éclair, only made with ice cream! And don’t forget about our Cronut paired with cinnamon or French vanilla ice cream.

More importantly, our dedication to unique, innovative products comes in close second to our commitment to quality and health conscious ingredients. Most all of our desserts are made with all-natural, organic fresh local ingredients. That’s because we care about your taste buds, your health and mother Earth!